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How to acquire users with newsletter ads | Paul-Louis Valat

How to acquire users with newsletter ads | Paul-Louis Valat


👉 Paul-Louis Valat is the acquisition marketer at Plezi, a marketing automation solution for marketers.

👉 In this episode, we discuss Paul-Louis experience of spending $8,521 on newsletter placements and securing users for $52 per B2B user.

Why newsletter ads?

  • Reach targeted, engaged communities.

  • Particularly effective for products with a clear value proposition conveyable in just a few sentences.

How to run a newsletter ad campaign🎯

  1. How to find newsletters

    • Look for newsletters on platforms like Substack (😁) and reach out to creators via LinkedIn or email.

    • Include a brief pitch explaining why your product is a good fit and ask for their media kit (if they have one).

    • Agree on price and placement before working on the ad copy.

  2. Newsletter selection

    • Subscribe and read the newsletters + check their social media to gauge the level of engagement and professionalism.

  3. Understand ad costs

    • Paul-Louis spent around $250 per ad for newsletters with less than 10,000 subscribers.

    • Approx. $800 per placement in newsletters with 10,000+ subscribers, with the cost per ad coming in at around $1,000 to $2,000.

    • The type of placement affects costs. See details below.

  4. Types of newsletter ad placements

    • Main sponsor placements in the intro can be more expensive but may stand out more to readers,

    • Basic sponsor placements in the body of the newsletter can also be effective.

    • Sponsored-only placements, which are generally cheaper, can be less engaging but can still be useful for sharing links.

  5. Placement frequency

    • Plezi runs ads quarterly, targeting 2 newsletters per month.

    • Test different newsletters to find the right creators and targeting.

  6. How to write newsletter ads

    • Include a headline, 300-character text, call-to-action, and optional image.

    • Seek feedback from the newsletter creator or ask them to write the ad.

Tips for better ad performance

  • Make sure the value proposition is clear.

  • Aim for a conversion rate baseline of around 10%.

  • Ask feedback from other marketers to test.

  • Ensure audience-offer alignment of your value proposition and newsletter.

Key lessons learned

  • The sweet spot for newsletter ad campaigns was between 5k and 10k subscribers.

  • Be careful assuming that bigger newsletters are always more effective.

  • Don’t reuse the same ad copy if you repeat the placement on the same newsletter.

How to start

  1. Test with 4 different newsletters to start.

  2. Find creator/audience fit. Fine tune your campaigns.

  3. Scale up from there.

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