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Onboard and activate users via video messaging | Oli Bridge, Bonjoro

Onboard and activate users via video messaging | Oli Bridge, Bonjoro

👉 Oli Bridge is the CMO at Bonjoro.

👉 Oli took the SaaS application from 0 to 50+ users.

👉 We discuss the best practices he's discovered around video messaging to onboard and activate users.

Who can benefit from video messaging?

  • SaaS companies, e-commerce businesses, course creators, and service providers can all leverage video messaging.

  • Oli also suggests using video messages for webinar follow-ups, partner programs, reactivating inactive users, and encouraging progress among active users.

Video messaging activation best practices 🎯

  • Key practices

    • Keep it personal, not promotional.

    • Personalize subject lines for engagement.

    • Limit videos to 60 seconds.

    • Focus on one or two call-to-actions (CTAs).

    • Say the recipient's name early in the video.

    • For reactivating users, give them one or two tips on using your product effectively.

    • For activating users, outline the next steps and give them simple tasks to begin with.

  • Effecitve CTAs

    • Offer value in exchange for a call, e.g., "Hey [viewer's name], let's schedule a call to help you get that job done."

    • Outline the next steps for the viewer and give them specific tasks, e.g., "Hi [viewer's name], these are the two things you should do next to get started with our product."

  • How to scale

    • Delegate tasks to marketing or customer success teams.

    • Route leads based on timezone or product expertise.

    • Have an administrator oversee workflow and develop templates for video recorders.

  • Measuring Performance:

    • Optimize one part of the purchase funnel at a time.

    • Run A/B tests for key metrics.

    • Analyze cohort data.

❌ Common Mistake: Launching too many campaigns simultaneously. Focus on one campaign at a time and assess its performance before moving on to the next.

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