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Website personalization strategy to boost conversions | Teemu Raitaluoto, Markettailor

Website personalization strategy to boost conversions | Teemu Raitaluoto, Markettailor

🚀 Teemu Raitaluoto is the founder and CEO of Markettailor

🔧 Markettailor is a no-code website personalization product

💡 Learn about personalization strategies, best practices, and application examples

Key Takeaways

  • Who should use website personalization?

    • B2B SaaS companies can greatly benefit from personalization

    • Products or services suitable for multiple segments

  • 🎯 How to implement website personalization:

    • Identify the segments visiting your website. Consider factors like industry, company size, and account

    • Collect data and interview sales teams on these segments and their barriers and interests

    • Identify segments with lower conversions rate to target

      • Start with one segment for websites with < 5,000 visitors per month

      • Target three segments for websites with more traffic

    • Test elements to personalize:

      • Logos, testimonials, copy, images, and calls to action

      • Focus on promoting use cases relevant to the prospective buyer

      • Highlight specific interests of the account:

        • Tailor messaging and approach to the specific needs and preferences of the account

        • Integrate applications the account already uses

    • Run personalization tests for 2-3 months, depending on the amount of traffic

Metrics to Watch

  • Measure the impact of personalization by monitoring:

    • Conversion rate

    • Engagement rate (time spent on site)

    • Number of interactions

    • Scroll depth

    • Aim for 200-300% improvement

Common Mistakes

  • Overpersonalizing: Avoid using a company's name or a person's name, as it can come across as creepy or unsafe